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Peel & Reveal Labels

Our Peel & Reveal Labels

Our new peel and reveal labels are an ingenious way to fit a huge amount of information on your product without compromising your design. Using a special re-sealable adhesive, the label is able to be peeled back to reveal another layer of information underneath. Thanks to our unique label varnish, the label can easily and neatly be replaced once read.

Providing further opportunities to communicate with your customers, peel and reveal labels are a great way to boost sales and strengthen consumer trust. Whether you want to publish more comprehensive ingredient information, launch a customer competition or detail health and safety instructions, you can fit a whole host of information on a seemingly small area.

Key Features

  • State of the of the art digital printing means peel and reveal labels can be produced in small or large quantities
  • Include multi language instructions and negate the need and cost of producing lots of label variations
  • Ideal for marketing initiatives - add unique promotional codes or competition details
  • Include bonus customer content, like recipe ideas or assembly instructions
  • Stay compliant and communicate detailed vital nutrient and allergen information
  • Tactile element imprinting is also available - perfect for E-liquid labels
  • For further content, multi-page peel and reveal labels are also available
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