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Asset & Security Labels

Our Asset & Security Labels

Asset labels are a convenient and cost-effective way of tracking and monitoring your valuable technology and equipment. Available in a complete range of customisable shapes and sizes, these nifty labels allow your to securely identify, catalogue and track the movement of assets around your plant. Not only do they enhance security but you can easily log any changes or repairs that are made to your equipment.

Security labels are highly effective at discouraging the theft and interference of your products. Although you can be assured of the quality of your goods whist in your control, a discreet security label will safeguard the quality of your products once they leave your premises. Not only an affordable anti-counterfeit solution, they will enhance and protect your company's brand and reputation.

Key Features

  • Our standard range offer great turnaround times, however we can customise the labels with your corporate colors and logo
  • Depending on our your application, our asset & security labels can come in vinyl, polypropylene, polyester and aluminum materials
  • Our production team will work with your to ensure that your labels can withstand any necessary exposure to extreme temperatures and chemicals
  • Depending the level of security you require, our labels can reveal a 'void' message or adhere a black residue should any attempt to remove them be made
  • Our extremely robust ultra-destructible label range will visibly split and disintegrate should anyone try to remove them
  • Our box seal labels come in a range of transparent materials and have the ability to have sequential numbers added to them
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    FMD Security Label Case Study

    Southern ID have been collaborating with one of the UK’s leading specialist pharmaceutical wholesalers for the best part of a decade. This client physically prepares pharmaceutical products for re-sale in the UK market and design and create its new labelling and packaging.

    As you can imagine, validation and safety adherence is of the highest priority for this client, so when they needed a solution to help them comply with the new EU Falsified Medicine Directive – we were there to help…. Read More

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