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Our Southern ID LQ Labels

From the safe and logistic storage of goods in your warehouse, to the compliant shipping and transportation of your products - we have an effective solution for each stage of the process. Our carefully selected range of warehouse, storage, shipping and transportation labels clearly communicate the nature of all contents and dictates how they should be handled.

They are essential for any business transporting goods, especially in bulk and/or overseas. With ISO 9000 and BRC accreditation too, be assured that whatever your industry, we only work to the very highest standards. By utilising our expert knowledge in this sector, you can ensure that your warehouse is safe, efficient and most importantly compliant with government regulations.

Key Features

  • Reduce damage from mishandling, assist the safe moving the goods and ensure you are compliant with UK, EU and international regulations
  • Our vast warehouse range includes dispatch, safety, stock control & identification, rack and shelf location labels, warehouse aisle markers, safety & environment signs for hazard/fire & prohibition
  • Supplied in paper or polypropylene materials and in a range of specialist adhesives that can withstand the rigours of road, air and sea transport
  • They offer excellent adhesion, especially on corrugated boxes or textured surfaces
  • Our extensive transport range includes, FRAGILE, THIS WAY UP, HANDLE WITH CARE, KEEP DRY and DO NOT STACK labels
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    Limited Quantity Labels (or LQ labels) are primarily used for the transport of dangerous goods that are required to be packed in limited quantities.

    The Southern ID range of LQ labels comply with the ADR, RID, IMDG & IATA requirements and come in just some of the following options:

    Y DIAMOND LQ LABELS (To be used when shipping limited quantities by air)

    BLANK DIAMOND LQ LABELS (Blank labels without the “Y” symbol for shipping limited quantities by water or ground)

    RQ TABBED DIAMOND LQ LABELS (For limited quantity shipments of hazardous substances)

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